Alexandria Beaches

Today, traces of all these parts remain. Visitors can eat seafood caught by local fisherman, Take at ram to view Roman ruins or drink coffee in European-style coffee shops and cafés. A waterfront city, Alex (as it is popularly known) runs along the Mediterranean for 20 km. A walk along the magnificent Corniche sweeps round the curve of the Eastern Harbour and takes you right through the city center.

The Corniche is linedwith beaches, having full tourist facilities extending from eastern beaches like Maamoura, Montazah, Mandara, Asafra, Sidi Bishr, San Stefano, Glim,Stanley, Rushdi, Sidi Gaber, Sporting, Al Ibrahimia, and Al Shatby, all the way to the Western city, where the resorts of Al Agami and Hanoville.

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